Life without Finances

economy collapse photo
Photo by david_shankbone

Life as we know it would not exist if we do not have resources. Especially now that our world is controlled by the modern economy and the only way to survive is by ensuring that the economy would not crumble and would not falter.

Because if it does, then we are totally doomed. We would lose our jobs, we will have no work, we will have no means of living and then we could not support our families, leaving us with no option other than to steal money from others or perhaps steal things then sell them. And all these sort of chaotic and immoral things just happen all of a sudden.

Or maybe we move to the barter system again…

Or maybe some of the smartest people on the planet start up a new sort of economy with we have left after the collapse.

Bragging Your Wealth is a Sign of Weakness

To brag something, and to tell people that you have these kinds of things, or perhaps, to show them that you are already well off, and is now rich, is a sign that you are insecure, and that you have reached your dreams for mere show off. You are weak, if this is the case. Because you cannot stand up to what you have now, instead, what you do is you need to show what you have in order for you to be happy and to be satisfied with what you have.

bragging photo
Photo by Celestine Chua

You are incomplete if you cannot brag it off to your friends, and you feel dissatisfied with sadness because you cannot let people see the things that you have. You are insecure with yourself, and that you cannot see your achievements in life, because you are clouded with the thought of creating your own reputation, a reputation which is unnecessary, if you are already happy with yourself.

Contentment, satisfaction, and self confidence are then the two main things that we should have in order for us to be comfortable with ourselves.

Being Workaholic Brings You Great Finances

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Some may say that to be workaholic is to become a weirdo, a freak, a psycho, or whatever they call it.

I do believe though, that being a workaholic is not like this, because I’m one myself.  I’ll tell you why…

Being a workaholic brings you greater chances of success because you are a hardworking person if you are a workaholic. Being like this, you do not get happiness or fun when doing nothing. It seems like your life is incomplete, and that your day is unproductive if you have not done any kind of work.

Because for you, work is everything, and work brings you fortune, and gives you money, and it brings you ever closer to living the life of your dreams.

Being a workaholic lets you feel that there is still so much more to you, and that you can do better, than just lie around and sitting in your couch and watching those movies. You see these things as somewhat stupid. And as harsh as it sounds, it is true, and this is the reality for all workaholics.

These are the people who are addicted to work. And one gets too much of work, what usually happens is that the person excels in it, because he or she is able to do it a lot of times, far greater than those of his or her peers.

Working more, means getting more experience, at a faster speed.

Becoming Low Profile

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Our lives are our lives, and nobody owns it. It is our own, and that it is ours. We do not need to show it off to people, or to stress out about showing others what we have, or what we have become.

We’re not obliged to make it known to all, if we have something, and it is not their business to mind us, if what achievements we have achieved, or what are the things that we have now.

Life is not about this. And life’s success is not measured by how many things we have, or what are our cars, or perhaps, where we are now and what achievements and goals have made into reality.

Life that is like that is stupid and just for show off purposes only. Life is not like that, for living a meaningful life is living a life that has significance and that does not dwell on the fact that one needs to tell others their accomplishments and new material possessions.